The establishment of Yusi Cargo in Indonesia to answer the need of company which are able to give a professional service on transportation and warehousing in line with total logistics solution in Indonesia to support our network in S.E Asia & also worldwide.

Yusi Cargo provides a full spectrum of services and support features for both international and domestic freight.

We strive to offer complete global and comprehensive services catering to all aspects of sea freight requirements for our clients.

This we cater with expertise and personal interest combined with total flexibility in meeting our client needs.

We fully realize than competent and efficient human resources are vital to the success of our operation. While modern and high tech system is essential in today business environment, transportation of goods has much more to do with “People”.

In line with this philosophy, we recruited dedicated and aggressive professionals who are well versed in various aspects of international transportation as well as local formalities requirements.

In-house training and re-training are consistently conducted to ensure that our staff members are always updated on latest developments and changes that take place rapidly within the industry.

We believe that technology allied with quality and dedicated people will be the paramount feature of our service.

Yusi Cargo also realized that information technology would be more dominant as rules of the games. Timely and effective communications is another vital aspect of our service in which we spare no effort to continuously upgrade our communications systems both in hardware’s and software’s.

We plan to make a quantum leap in the information technology and this concept will continue to grow within our Group and our customers in partnership.